Coding Skills – Ad advantage for UX Designers.

Coding Skills – Ad advantage for UX Designers.

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1. Better Communication with Developers

Having a shared vocabulary with the development team will prove to be a great advantage – exercising good communication will increase speed, efficiency, and ensure that the design is implemented as intended.

The common ground will also help build a more solid partnership.

2. Deeper understanding of products.

Knowing how your design will actually come to life is an important part of understanding your product.

Designers who understand the components, the materials that make up their solutions will be more insightful and have a better-informed perspective throughout the process.

3. Increased efficiency and a realistic vision

Understanding limitations implementation time, complexity, basically having an overview of the infrastructure required will offer you a more realistic perspective on the solutions and will translate into increased speed and smarter solutions.

4. Superior tech vocabulary

Having an enriched perspective of the process of building products will result in being more articulate and confident when it comes to the conversations around your solutions.

You’ll ask better questions, negotiate better, articulate, and defend your decisions, feel more empowered.

5. More Employable

Although we strongly against job opening that requires designers having coding skills (these should be two separate roles, yes!)  We do believe that having a broader palette of skills will make you more valuable on the job market.

6. Enriched perspective and better skilled

Finally, learning a new set of skills is valuable in itself. With every new learning exercise of this kind we grow, not only as professionals but also on an individual level.

We’re always in favor of learning new disciplines, will always be a strong advocate for this!

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