How Google Ads can boost up your Online Marketing Business?

How Google Ads can boost up your Online Marketing Business?

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In the modern age, the internet has become a crucial part of everyone’s lives. It is making the life of people much easier than in the past. People have started doing most of the things on the internet like shopping, communicating, learning, etc. Due to this internet has become the number one platform to implement our marketing and advertisement strategies too. There are lots of advertisement service provider available these days but the one that has changed all the aspects of online advertisement is Google Ads.


Google Ads (Google Adwords previously) is one of the most demanded and used online advertisement platform providing lots of growth opportunities to the businesses. And in this article, we are going to know everything about Google Ads, how much effective is this advertisement scheme and its benefits for your online marketing business.

Need of Google Ads in your marketing Strategies

There are lots of ways for the marketing of your business like SEO, Social Media Marketing, content marketing, etc. But the most productive method of marketing is known to be Google Ads because of some practical reasons which are given below.

1. Fast Results

If you are putting your precious efforts in organic SEO practices, the outcomes will be there but after a certain time period. But if you try Google ads, you will see instant results because google ads come up before organic search results in any google search result page. So, once you start using google ads, there will be no necessary need remains for organic SEO and you will be able to see instant results.

2. Flexibility

Instead of using other static marketing techniques, you can give a chance to Google ads because it provides the options for customization of ad groups and its campaigns. You can set the parameter depending upon locations, interests, genders and age groups. It helps to get the total results from the inserted efforts and budgets on the marketing campaigns fixed by your clients.

3. Relevancy

Google shows up ads to the users relevant to their search queries on the search engine to make them click on the ad and give its user the desired results and sales. But it depends upon your methodology of creating an ad that how good you have integrated and design of your ad template. If Google find your ad more relevant than others for a search query, you ad templates will get good position too and give you increased outcomes.

4. Testing and Analytics

Google ads allow you to test every single thing about your ad campaign. You can analyze every aspect of your ad campaign including ad text, landing pages, etc. You can use its advanced tools to make immediate changes into the campaign if you find any under performing ads and also make changes into it according to the results received.

How Google Ads will help to increase the business?

If you are running a marketing agency then Google Ads will surely help you to increase your online marketing business because of some reasons given below.

1. Google Ads is Cost Effective

Unlike other marketing techniques, Google ads are the most cost-effective marketing technique because you have to pay from your Google ads wallet after getting clicks on your ads. You can set your budget from Ten Dollars per day to Five thousand Dollars per days according to your needs and budget. And if the ad campaign is optimized in a good way then there are more chances that PPC will decline and your ads will start getting increased traffic without increased budget.

2. Google Ads allows enigmatic targeting

If you are running a marketing agency then, you might be familiar with the word ‘Targeting’. It is the phenomena of showing our ad campaigns to the desired group of people by any method whether it is online or offline marketing technique. Google Ads allow us to perform deep targeting operations to get a high number of results from our ad campaigns. According to the need and type of business, we can adjust various targeting standards including:

  • Mobile Targeting / Call Extensions
  • Location Targeting / Location Extensions
  • Language Targeting / Languages
  • Mobile App Targeting / App Extensions
  • Message Extensions
  • Promotion Extensions
  • Price Extensions & more

3. Results are Transparent

If you are using any marketing technique other than Google ads then you cannot possess upon the results received to the proposed business. But you have all the access to see the live results and analytics of your ad campaigns and have records of all the outputs given to your clients. This thing will help you to get a clutch on the marketing industry and get more esteemed clients.

4. Google Ads require less mainstay

To implement complex marketing techniques like SEO and Social media marketing, it requires a group of some people to do all the required procedures like content writing, link building, and link submissions but in the case of Google Ads, you will need less but expert people to create good ad campaigns and run them effectively. It will reduce your resource cost and give a boost to your marketing business.

Advantages of having Google Ads in your marketing techniques

We have discussed some of the great features of Google ads above but there are some other advantages of using this over other advertisement strategies which we want to discuss.

  • It increases Brand strength of your marketing agency
  • It help you to properly utilize the marketing budgets
  • It is able to provide more conversion, as a result, more satisfied clients
  • Different Bidding strategies including Target CPA, Target ROAS, Maximize Clicks, Maximize Conversion, Target search page location, Target outranking share, Enhanced CPC, Target impression share and Manual CPC

Disadvantages of Google Ads in your marketing techniques

Having great positive effects on your business and marketing outcomes, there are some disadvantages of using google ads over other marketing channels which are as follow.

  • High-value and traffic keyword targeting is expensive
  • People trust organic results over Ads
  • Traffic will be lost once you opt out, which will not happen for the traffic coming after doing organic SEO techniques
  • Small business will not opt for this scheme because of comparatively high prices

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